MAS has been developed with collection of waste with high liquid content specifically in mind. The aggregate forms a sealed container for waste without any leaking gaskets.

NTM is through MAS able to offer hygienic working conditions for both the driver and the surrounding environment without risk of liquid waste spill.

The aggregate has been equipped with self-greased bearings featuring extended service intervals in order to minimize maintenance cost.

These in turn result in all extra cost for central greasing systems becoming redundant.

MAS simple construction, with few movable components, yields a high storage capacity and operation security.

All cylinders and sensors are located outside of the aggregate to ensure high dependability.

The lift can empty containers in sizes ranging from 140 – 1100 l. Additional elevation options for containers on platforms are available as extras. The lift can also be equipped with offsets for roll top as well as extendable wipers.

The lift is conditioned for scale PC2H as a standard. MAS has been constructed for 2- and 3-shafted chassis, with a total weight ranging from 16t to 26t. Length of aggregate is tailored after the chassis.