The KG-2K 2-chamber rear loader

Using the popular and durable KG as a basis, NTM designed a high capacity, 2-chamber rear loader.

This 2-chamber rear loader enables very rational collection of separated waste.

The split tailgate facilitates the handling of 660-litre bins on the big side and 370-litre bins on the small side.

An hydraulic hatch on the smaller chamber effectively eliminates cross-contamination.

The KG-2K is the natural choice when you need a robust 2-chamber rear loader.


The KGBH-2K is a reliable 2-chamber rear loader with dust-free emptying.

When designing the 2-chamber rear loader, great emphasis was put on keeping the chambers completely separate.

The KGBH-2K has a closed and effectively ventilated rear door with a high loading height.

This is partly to improve the operator's work environment and partly to make refuse collecting more environmental.

660-litre bins can be emptied on the wide side and 370-litre bins on the narrow side.

Choose a 2-chamber rear loader if you need a reliable refuse collector for separated waste.


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