The Quatro is designed to achieve maximum collection efficiency in separation at source collections.

Separation at source greatly reduces the amount of residual waste.

NTM's 2-story, 4-chamber refuse collector has asymmetrical division.

The size of the chambers have been tailored to suit the normal refuse volumes to ensure the longest possible collection round.

The space-efficient pendulum packer is suited to Nordic winters.

The unique bin lift facilitates the lifting of four different types of waste in one lift.

An emptying cycle begins with one work stage at the press of a button and is no different from emptying in a one or 2-chamber vehicle.


  • 1. Modem for PLC systeem
  • 2. Camera met monitor voor laden en achteruitrijden
  • 3. Automatische smering
  • 4. Hydraulische olie heater
  • 5. Weeginstallatie
  • 6.


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Hans-Jurgen Stöver